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Online shopping is not easy. You need to pay beforehand, which might not always be possible and desirable. Most ecommerce products do not ship to Nepal, making it impossible to order the product of your choice online. Even if there is option of delivery to your location, delivery can get delayed by a number of days, even weeks.

Nepal Parcel is a one stop solution for all of your online shopping worries. Visit any online store, choose a product and tell us about your choice. Nepal Parcel does the shopping and delivery. Our service is swift and easy to use. Fill a simple form by entering the URL of the product you wish to purchase and leave the rest to us. You will save valuable money by doing shopping with us. We help you cut out the costly middlemen.

Bringing world at your doorstep.

- Nepal Parcel

Why Nepal Parcel? What Are Its Benefits ?


What is Nepal Parcel? ?

Nepal Parcel is a shop and deliver service that takes the headache out of international shopping. You choose the product online and tell us about it. We do the shopping on your behalf and deliver you the product. A major concern while buying online is price. Shipping fees are astronomical and most often you will have to deal with hidden fees. We help you cut down on shipping cost and our service comes with no hidden charges.


Why Choose Us ?

We are affordable compared to other shipment and parcel services. We are reliable and you will not have to deal with delivery delays. We help deliver products of all type including large sized products and vintage goods. People have ordered electronics, apparels, cosmetics, machinery, sports kits, food items, toys and all other kinds of items with us. Returning damaged goods, if ever the need arises, is swift.


What is special about Nepal Parcel compared to its competitors? ?

Frankly speaking, we have no competitors. Buying products directly from online stores comes with many difficulties like the ones we have mentioned above. This leaves you with two options. One is to ask your family and friends abroad to buy the product for you and send it to Nepal with parcel services but international shipping is costly. Other option is to wait for them to visit Nepal personally. You might have to wait for months in this case. We are the perfect middle ground. Some other companies also advertise services like ours but they are either too costly or not reliable enough to be considered a competition.

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